Weed Types

Identify and know what type of lake or pond weed you are trying to cut, kill or remove before you start.


Floating Plants (weeds - click for more info)- Growing unattached or rooted with floating leaves. 
Example: Water Hyacinth Bladderwort, Salvinia, Water Lettuce, etc
Recommended product for Floating Plants (weeds)for some type of floating weed like Water Hyacinth Bladderwort, Salvinia, Water Lettuce, etc. "Weed Raker"

Submerged Plants (weeds - click for more info)– Growing entirely below and up to the water's surface. 
Example: American pondweed, Curly-leafed pondweed, hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil, sago pond weed, southern naiad, etc
Recommended products for Submerged Plants (weeds) "Weed Razer Pro" and "Weed Raker"

Emergent Plants (weeds - clickfor more info)– Growing in shallow water with leaves or stems above the water's surface. 
Example: cattail, lilypads( lillypads), bulrush, reed, water shield (dollar bonnet), pickerelweed, etc.
Recommended products for Emergent Plants (weeds)"Weed Razer Pro" and "Weed Raker"

Algae (click for more info) – Recommended products "NutrErazer"

For detail information on cattails, visit cattails.info

** Chemical use is restricted in many lakes and ponds**