weed razor - before 2weed razor-after 2            



Here are a couple of pics I took – before and after using your Weed Razor this morning. Before the lake grass & weeds were getting so thick I was having trouble getting my fishing boat in and out from our dock without the motor/prop getting full of weeds. After a 1/2 hr. using the Weed Razor, we now not only have a clear dock space for our boat, but also a area cleared our for our grandsons to swim in!!


It is nice to see a product that really works as it is advertised!!! Also very well made & heavy duty. It looks like it is made to last!


Thanks again,





I had wonderful results with the Weed Razer, it was almost addicting to use! After a few days my water was beautiful and much clearer than before, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I'll make sure to let my neighbor know how great the Weed Razer is!

Rock Erickson-  Menasha, WI


We have a house in Yuma Az on a private lagoon off of the Colorado River.  The water comes in
and out but does not circulate as much as we would like.  The weeds grow
immensely in the summer as the water is very warm.  


We purchased the Weed Pro last winter and love it.  The weeds around our
dock are in control, where as the rest of the lagoon is full of weeds.  We
do clean around our friends docks but would love it if every else got the hint.

Come on people, buy a Weed Razor!

Just bought the Weed Rake to make pulling out the weeds easier.

We are very happy with our purchases.

Thank you,

Marsha Roberts, Descanso, CA

I recived my weed razor in mid sept. and our weeds were overtaking our waterfront..as soon as i got it home i called my friend to come try it with me. It was addicting,not only did we clean all the weeds in front of my camp but we did his as well. I just wanted to say thank you. It's nice to buy something that does what its supposed to.

Richard Jacques, Hartland, ME

I've been struggling with weeds for so long! I got this tool and was able to do my place, my son's place, and my neighbors place in under an hour and a half.

We got your product Friday and I assembled it Saturday. I was a totally amazed at how easy it went through the Lilly Pads. I've been out twice retouching the areas I first cut and it went all the way down and finished the job completely. Now I need to find something that would stop them from coming back. Thanks for your great product. I wish I had it several years ago.

Gary Sprehe-  Centralia, Illinois

The Weed Razer Pro was by far the best solution to our seaweed problems. I have never seen a product work this well, 30 minutes of use saved the association nearly a thousand dollars if we were to have contracted the service, not to mention is an environmentally safe alternative to chemically treating. Being a life-long lake resident and manager of a beach and boat club, the Weed Razer Pro is the clear solution to any seaweed problems and I would personally recommend it to anyone as an easy to use and cost effective tool.

Kevin Murray-  Bloomfield Hills, MI

I received the Weedrazor yesterday and was able to try it out. I am impressed! It performs very well. Cutting the weeds is the easy part now. The hard parrt is disposing of all the weeds I cut which are alot. Our lake is in the process of being cleaned up. It has gone from 0 viisibility and no weeds but lots of Carp to no Carp and 18ft visibility but being a shallow lake it also now has an enormous amount of weeds. I have a Seadoo that I have had a difficult time riding this summer because of the weeds constantly plugging the intake. I am planning on using your product to help me clear a path to deeper water.

Kent Liebe -  Carter Lake, Iowa

I want to thank you for the ingenuity of the Weedrazer. It cuts right through swamp grass in a beaver pond in middle Georgia. It's tough and works exactly like advertised. Thanks to you we'll be transforming 2 acres of swamp grass into two acres of open water for ducks!

K Barfield

We live along a canal on the shores of Lake Huron. The weeds are so bad along the canal they bring in a mechanical harvester to keep the canal clear for the large cargo vessels that use the canal. I purchased a Weed Razer last year. It is amazing how well it works. I tell all my neighbors about it. Now they all borrow it from me. This year I am telling them about your website, then they can get one for themselves.

Jack Fischer, Michigan

Those things are the NUTS!!

George Jones

I've used these things so much that I've purchased three of them now...I love em.

Jeffrey Williams

The WeedRazer works beautifully. It cuts a huge path in one pull and it works so well all my neighbors want to borrow it.

M. Frazier

I was interested in the WeedRazer so I asked my neighbor about it and it turns out he had one. He liked it so much I decided to buy my own.

D. Fincham

The Weed Razer works just super! It was easy to toss out and jerk back in to cut weeds. In 2 applications, I got rid of lily pads, water grass, reeds, and other weeds.

R Busman

To whom it may concern: I wanted to comment on how it works. I'm really satisfied. I used it to clear the cattails from my 1/4 acre pond. The weeds were high and thick. It wasn't the easiest thing to pull through the cattails, however, it worked fine. My pond is clear of cattails and it looks great. thanks,

Jim W.
Marilla, NY

Having serious weed problems in my one acre pond here in the Fingerlakes Area, New York State, I decided to research the internet for a product or products that might provide at least a temporary solution to my summer pond weed problem. Summer is when our family wants to use the pond for swimming, fishing, etc. Like many others in the Fingerlakes Area I have heard all the stories about serious weed problems not only in local ponds but serious weed problems in Seneca Lake and rest of the lakes throughout New York State. People that I talked to were very frustrated after spending hundreds (even thousand) of dollars for the chemical solution which ends up only lasting several years. People that I talked to just wanted a product that they could own and use throughout the summer and remove weeds so family could swim, fish, waterski, and just enjoy all the water stuff. After buying a weed razor from Jenlis Inc. and found out how well it performed, at the advice of Jenlis sales rep. I bought a weed raker to use in my pond. Both of these tools are well built and get the job done.
I just bougt the new Beach Rake which is a multipurpose rake and yes it is multipupose. The rakes unique floating concept allows you to skim the weeds off the top of your pond and lake. My wife uses it in the horses stalls. When she does her complete cleaning of the stalls and adds the new pine pellet bedding chips the rake works great spreading them out. I also used it for landscaping (raking no. 2 stone around my home). Great for raking horse pasteur, etc.
I love the 3-products and now own a business that will be successful.

Jenlis Inc. offers dealerships at a very reasonable cost. Being there were no dealers in New York State I became a dealer for Jenlis Inc. here in New York State. The response I recieved and the need for this product for people who own ponds and lake property was great. The product sell their selves.

Mike Coolican
Watkins Glen, NY

Wanted you to know that I used our new weedrazer Wednesday and yesterday. It works great. The lake in front of our place looks amazing. Pulls up the bottom weeds too. Thank you!

Scott Cole
Vergas, MN

Just a short note to tell you that bar none, the Lake Weed Razor works absolutely phenomenal. I have lived at this property for 6 years and have been involved with it from when I was knee high to a grasshopper. It was my Grandparents house. I have used every conceivable gimmick on the market for cutting weeds and this works the best and as advertised. I am cutting a mixture of standard lake weeds and Eurasian milfoil.

J Patrick Murphy
Fowler Lake, WI

I've wanted to let you know how the weed razer and raker have worked for us. It was just like the video and just that easy! How gratifying to see the weeds floating ot the surface and clear water where it was once congested with weeds.
The performance of the razer and raker were just what you claimed them to be and I am delighted to start making a dent in our weed problem!
Thank you !

Lesley B.
Bedford, PA

We love the weed razer and rake. We cleared out around the dock in a few hours, and best of all he could do most from the dock or shore, and the rest with hip boots. The long tines on the rake are great, and the hard plastic makes them just slide off. It works great for picking up all the loose weeds that accumulate. I don't know why we waited so long. Well worth the money--glad we bought both. Thanks too for the quick service. Ordered late Friday and received it on Monday.

Lauri Auburn
Rochester, MN

Am about to purchase the "WeedRaker" lake rake. Should have done this when I ordered the weed cutter and saved some money. The weed cutter is an incredibly wonderful tool. It worked so well, my neighbors asked to use it immediately after I'd finished because it looked "easy and fun".

Auburn, NH

I received the weedrazer last Thursday (9 days after it left your company). I must admit my husband had already made his mind up - I had bought a pile of junk! That was his words, as I recall. Said and done, we took the parcel home, and the assembling of the tool was left to me (he wasn't interested at all). That same evening his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to take the weedrazer down to the waterfront. 2 minutes later and he was sold - I even heard him shouting the next door neighbour over to have a look at HIS new tool. What had taken us more or less days to tackle (and to be honest we had nearly given up this year) had been done in a mere 2 hours.

He is thrilled to bits as he loves thing to be neat and tiday and the weeds around the jetty have been bugging the life out of him for ages. He told me to get an email off to you guys and tell him he loves HIS new toy. I shall get some photos taken and mail them over this week.

Thanks, and we shall no doubt be during business again with you guys.

Chris JJ
Stockholm, Sweden 

We just used our weed razor for the first time and I think I am in love! We have a lake cottage in Northern Indiana and I think that everyone that lives on the lake and fights the weeds needs to own one.


Weed razor really works!
We live in Snohomish, Washington and have some of the toughestweeds around. We just can't pull them out by hand anymore and worried about them taking over our pond. I am happy to announce that this is one of the best products we have ever bought online! It works just as described! It really helps to loop the end of the rope around an old broom handle for thecutting process to save on the hands. My husband that is hard to please was so excited to see the immediate results and we argued about who gets todo it next! He finally stopped insisting that I have to wear a bathingsuit, like the girl in the instructional video, to get the job done! :)Thanks for providing a great product!

Candy & Lamont Dysart
Snohomish, WA 

Thanks for the prompt reply regarding the purchase of you products in Ontario. We have subsequently purchased both items, and they are so effective that our only wish is that they were part of our weed arsenal years ago.

Phil Allen

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am about purchasing theweedrazer and the weedrake. They really do work ! I also appreciate thefact that the company cares about it's customers. Thanks again.

Brian Hart
Allentown, WI

Thank you very much. We received our Weed Razer on Thursday & tried it. It worked great! We were impressed. We've been telling all of our friends on the lake. Hopefully, they'll order them too! We're even going to take it to the next lake association meeting (4 connecting lakes) to show everyone.
We added some swim doodles to our lake rake so it would float to retrieve the weeds. That worked well too.
Thanks again.

Diane Schrader

We just received and used your product and are totally amazed athow easily and efficiently it removed years of cattail growth. We neverexpected that we could get rid of all of those plants in just minutes!Now we want to find other ponds so we can have fun using it again!

L Crist

Good morning,
I would just like to thank you for your prompt service. The Weedrazor I purchased from you works just as your video showed. Anyone could use this product, and with an adjustable wrench ans a screwdriver it assemble was a snap.
Again thank you, have a great day,

Diana Savallisch

We received our Weed Razor yesterday and went right to work. It was AMAZING! One of the best items I ever bought. It worked so well, I didnot want to stop. WOW!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Steven Reichel

P.S. The WeedRazer did a good job on cleaning out the weeds around our dock.

Paul Mooney
Ontario, Canada

“The WeedRazer is absolutely fabulous. It is the easiest tool to use and works amazingly well. I wish I had this tool years ago!”

Mike Clarke
N. Ireland

Mr.Clarke picked up the phone and called us here in the USA just to tell us how much he liked the WeedRazer.

I wanted to let you know I recently purchased your product. I put it together and went right out to use it. I am so pleased with it's performance! I highly recommend your Weedrazer to anyone looking for an excellent tool for removing weeds from the lakefront. Thank you


Had a chance to use both the Weed Razor and the Weed Rake over the Labor Day Weekend. Excellent products that are easy to use. Thanks!

Michael Crnobrna
Mendota Heights, MN

Unit worked great! Good luck

Quinn Holtan Sr.
Buffalo City, WI

We purchased the weed razor August 2nd and it arrived the following wednesday. We tried it out and it works well. Thank you for your very quick work.

Troy Wright
Highland, MI

We love our new Weedrazer

George Stevens
Alexandria, VA

My husband just got home from working out-of-town all week and I showed him the razor and rake and he wishes we would of "bought them years ago"--just thought I would let you know. Working out great. Thanks once again,

Tammy & Greg
Warsaw, NY 

We got the WeedRazer today and used it. Wonderful. We have a small fish pond which is very deep and managing the weeds is a problem. The WeedRazer was the thing to use. Now I have a pond full of baby pond weed to rake out. Thanks. Great product.

Gloria Marsh

The shipment was here when I got to the cabin. It works great, and I think my neighbor may be sending in an order for the Razer - great product

John Clymer

We got the weedrazers today, and it works great! Thanks a ton. I will be recommending the product to others.


We received our WeedRazer in the mail yesterday. It was very windy day and we decided to try it out after dinner. We were amazed at how well it worked and are extremely pleased. Thank You !

Kevin and Tricia Asbury

Thanks again for sending the Weed Raker....its a hit here!!

We've had 2 sunny days since our Weed Raker arrived....and we have cleared 2/3 of a very large 20 foot deep 1.5 miilion gallon pond of floating algae that was mainly attached to the bottom of the pond, the majority of the vegetation hidden beneath the surface of the water out of our view and our grasp

.......with our new Weed Raker, we were able to clear more area in a shorter time than before......this pondrake is effective and easy to use....heavy enough to rake the bottom but light enough to throw and drag back to shore loaded with weeds....we are very happy with our purchase

....the Weed Raker is a winning design...easy to assemble....replaceable parts....we now have the right tool to keep our pond healthy and the algae in balance...still leaving us time to relax and simply enjoy....

.....we are convinced that if, anyone looking to restore a healthy balance to a pond with an overgrowth of algae were to try the Weed Raker, specifically engineered for the onerous and often heavy task of hauling that green stuff out of the water, they won't need convincing because the rake will sell itself...and the harvested algae makes great compost for the garden.

Mark and Gail

I had ordered both a weedrazer and rake a few weeks back and assembled them this past weekend. Being the ice was out on the shoreline of the lake we are on I decided to give the rake a quick trial. All I can say is I wish I'd have bought one last year as it would have saved me a lot of grief and hard work! I look forward to trying out my new weedrazer, I'm sure that I'll be just as pleased.

M Plunkett

Received my Weedraker yesterday. Very fast service. Easy to assemble and off to the lake I went. It works better than expected. Much lighter and easier to bring in weeds and bottom sludge than I thought it would be. Even my wife was impressed watching the progress I made on the first day after our ice was out. Thanks for the fast service and another great product.


The WeedRaker worked terrific for rakeing the bottom of the lake to clearing the surface.

Jack Morris

We purchased your products last week. Our weeds are mainly floating and we found that the rake sunk too fast. Yesterday we bought one of those "noodles" that kids use for swimming and cut and tie wrapped it to the rake. Just had to cut the noodle in a couple pieces and slit it down the middle. Works really slick for those floating weeds. Really suggest you pass this suggestion along to others who purchase your product.
This seems to be my husband's new toy.

Lauri Hassinger

I am writing this little blurb so that hopefully someone else can profit from my experience. I am in Texas and we have a very tough plant here called the water hyacinth that floats on the surface and can easily choke out a pond. I was looking for a good tool to physically remove them little by little and I searched some of the tool stores and internet sites and found a lot of similar "lake rakes" but they had much shorter tines and I had already tried regular rakes in this configuration and they did not perform well. All these "lake rakes" cost in the 80 dollar range and since I did not have much confidence in them I kept looking. I then ran across the weedrazer web site and saw the weedrazer and weedraker and thought that the concept was much better. So even though it cost a bit more, I decided to try them because it just looked like a better design, so I ordered two of them. So they got here and It was a nice change to actually get something that was better than I was expecting! This is a very well designed and manufactured tool, some of the main observations:

1. The rakes are very well made, and much stronger than I expected. The handle has tube inserts between the extensions so it is strong, it is not like a tent pole.

2. The tines of the rake are replaceable and can be spaced for different needs. The tines are made of a strong plastic that give a small amount of flexibility which is important to prevent snagging when you pull stuff out of the water, but they are strong enough to pull full rake loads no problem. I can pull around a hundred pounds of plants with this rake per pull.

3. The materials and coatings used to manufacture the rake, as well as the tine configuration and spacing allow the plants to easily drop off and release from the rake for unloading. This is very important because you spend your time and effort pulling and not cleaning the rake each time. Once again, very well thought out design.

4. The length of the tines is another well thought out feature. They are long enough to actually get around and under surface plants so that you can pull them out in one stroke without having to go back and constantly chop and grab at them like you would with one of the standard lake rakes I saw in other places. Also, the width and shape of the end of the tines I noticed is just right. They do not dig into the bank as you drag stuff out. This is a big problem I had with normal rakes.

The bottom line is that the weedraker is a very good tool, well thougth out and professionally manufactured. I will be trying the weedrazer next for some weeds coming up from the bottom but I have no doubt that it will be a great tool also.

And do not ever use herbicides in your pond! I learned this the hard way. Just get a little excercise and pull them out by hand slowly if need be. You'll be surprised how fast it can go with a little effort. The herbicides just leave a nasty mess that takes years to decay. I made this mistake in one pond and it has been really tough to clean up. I will never make this mistake again.

Houston, TX


Mineola, NY

We really Like the WeedRaker! It is lightweight, the weeds come off easily & don't get hung up on the rake.
Thank You

Louie Murgg
Forevergreen Landscaping
Blaine, WA

Had a chance to use both the Weed Razor and the Weed Rake over the Labor Day Weekend. Excellent products that are easy to use. Thanks!

Michael Crnobrna
Mendota Heights, MN

My husband just got home from working out-of-town all week and I showed him the razor and rake and he wishes we would of "bought them years ago"--just thought I would let you know. Working out great. Thanks once again,

Tammy & Greg
Warsaw, NY 



Send us Before and After pictures of your lake / pond where you will be using the WeedRazer or the WeedRaker, and Receive a FREE Slime Away Towel.

Please go over the requirements and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us

How do I qualify?
You must have purchased product from Jenlis Inc (online or call), or from our dealers (if you have purchased it from our dealer please provide us with the name of the dealer). The picture must clearly show a before and after effect. Completely submerged weeds would not make for a good picture.

How to take a picture?

  1. Mark a Point of Reference (POR) like a tree, house, docks, etc when you take the before picture and make sure that that POR clearly visible in the after picture. Try to take the picture from the same spot and same angle.
  2. The pictures should be taken in good light.
  3. All pictures must be clear.
  4. People are not required in the any pictures, but if you could send us picture of the products in use that would be great.

What do I need to send and Where do I need to send it?

  1. We require at least two good images for before and after, but you could send us more than two
  2. We accept only jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff, or BMP formats.
  3. The image size should be no less than 450 pixels. (Large picture size preferred).
  4. You need to provide us with your Name, City, and State.
  5. The best, easiest, and fastest way is to email the picture to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please Note that the pictures you send us will appear in our website, with your name, city and state.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..'; document.getElementById('cloak15072').innerHTML += ''+addy_text15072+'<\/a>'; //-->

My wife and I are really pleased with the way your product works. Oh, and Toby the farm dog approves also...

Archie and Zelda Hass

Photos submitted by Archie and Zelda Hass

The Nutrerazer worked great, it cleared up my lake and I'll be ordering another soon.

Mike Lawrence

My Lake was covered with slime and within 5 days of adding Nutrerazer 3/4 of it was gone and it just kept working.


I have been using the FeedSavr for 3 months. Even though it provided immediate solutions to all our squirrel problems (6-7 damaged feeders beyond use over the years). I delayed sending a “Thank You” to make sure I felt the solution was permanent.

On most days there are 4 squirrels in the back yard where the FeedSavr is located and yet I am no longer subsidizing their “free lunch” program! Set up was dirt simple.

I simply secured the FeedSavr to a short existing fence post with a couple pipe clamps and I was ready for hungry birds in less than 10 minutes!

Thank You for this wonderful product!!


We have a cottage in Northern Ontario and have a large variety of birds that we like to feed and enjoy watching, especially in the wintertime. We have a walkout basement and a second level overlooking the lake.

For years we had tried various "pole systems" but were never satisfied with any of them as they were all either attached to the deck or where free standing on it. We got tired of the easy access for the squirrels and seeing the bird feces all over our deck. We have now had the FeedSavr pole system and could not be any happier with the results. We have it out about 15 feet from the cottage and can easily view the Bluejays, Cardinals, Sparrows, Woodpeckers and many others form both levels and it is easier than any other system to fill and access, even in the middle of the winter. We highly recommend this unit to anyone that enjoys birdwatching.

For us, using peanuts, sunflower seeds and niger seeds attracts a wide assortment of colorful birds.

ps: We also purchased your Weed Razer last year at the Cottage Show and it is just as impressive as the FeedSavr.

Mart & Liz