State Regulations

State Regulations

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Michigan- No permit is required to remove aquatic vegetation on your property. You own the lake or pond bottom out to the center of the body of water.

South Carolina- You can use mechanical devices such as weed rakes or cutters. You can manually pull up problematic vegetation. NEVER apply herbicides to a public water body. (It is against the law; you could be fined or sued!) For more information call (803)755 2872

NewYork- In general, harvesting aquatic weed in NY is not regulated; however, in the Adirondacks, the Adirondack Park Agency does require a permit. Please contact your regional DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) for more information, or click here to visit DEC's website.

Illinois- There are no regulations/rules regarding the use of manual mechanical aquatic weed cutters, with the exception that an Application for a Letter of Permission (LOP) is required for the Fox Chain O'Lakes located in Lake County. Click here to learn about LOP for Fox Chain O'Lakes.

Indiana- A person must obtain a permit before seeking to control aquatic vegetation through chemical, mechanical, physical, or biological means in waters of the state. Click here for more information.