The Library of Cattail Invasion

If you share anything in common with the average jane or joe, you probably have an innate dislike of cattails and a vague understanding of how they came to be in your lake or pond. This is completely normal and expected, which is why the website below was created.

Cattails Catch You By Your

The Site will explain:

Types of Cattail

How they came to be in your lake or pond and,



Defense Against the Varmint Arts

We have all seen these critters in action, stealing nuts, hoarding acorns, and the worst offense of all: eating bird feed. This raid is often done in broad daylight without any false attempts at modesty, which only makes the situation more appalling. Homeowners who happen to be bird supporters (meaning they feed them) are distraught and otherwise put-out to see their bird feed wasted on creatures that can survive without “squirreling away” sunflower seeds.

The overall hatred of this kind of behavior has a steady presence on Youtube and for fellow sufferers, these home videos of squirrel launchers and chipmunk booby traps can be quite amusing. Then a sense of humanity kicks in, unfortunately, and we are left again with a problem and no solution.

So Jenlis Inc. has created a solution, to keep the critters in their place: off the bird houses and away from the feed. Behold, the 12 foot FeedSavr Pole complete with an engineered device (designed from over 20 years worth of experimentation and observation) to deflect the thievery attempts of squirrels, chipmunks, and other such predators.

New to the market, this clever design will have your neighbors oohing over your astonishing ability to keep critters away from your bird feed. And soon a new Youtube phenomenon will begin highlighting the creatures’ failed attempts to reach the feed on the FeedSavr Pole.

Cattails got your Pond?

“We just used our weed razor for the first time and I think I am in love!… I think that everyone that lives on (a lake) and fights  weeds needs to own one.” Marcie Indiana

Weeds are formidable opponents; like seasonal allergies, aquatic weeds  return at the same time each year and wreak havoc on any pond or lake.  That’s why the WeedRazer Pro and WeedRazer were created. Cattails, Eurasion Milfoil, Lily pads,  you name it, the blades can slice it. The outrage over lake weeds, especially this year after our mild winter, has only increased with time. So Jenlis Inc. has turned the tables on aquatic weed infestations and created a weed cutter to turn outrage into complete satisfaction. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

How gratifying to see the weeds floating ot the surface and clear water where it was once congested with weeds. The performance of the razer and raker were just what you claimed them to be and I am delighted to start making a dent in our weed problem!” Lesley B. Bedford, PA

“I am happy to announce that this is one of the best products we have ever bought online! It works just as described!…Thanks for providing a great product!” Candy & Lamont Dysart Snohomish, WA

“We received our Weed Razor yesterday and went right to work. It was AMAZING! One of the best items I ever bought. It worked so well, I did not want to stop. WOW!   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” Steven Reichel