Chemical Herbicides and Algaecides

Info on CHEMICAL/ Herbicides and Algaecides

Chemical removal involves the addition of algaecides and herbicides. While this method can be very effective and quick, it can often cause complications. The algaecide can often include harsh chemicals that may be harmful to plants, invertebrates, or even fish. In addition to visible effects on your livestock, chemicals can have an unseen effect on your biological filter. The good bacteria that keep your pond biologically clean are very sensitive to harsh chemicals, and a large die-off of these bacteria can often lead to a buildup of excess nutrients, creating the very nuisance algae and weeds you were trying to get rid of in the first place. Additionally, if not used properly, chemical treatments can kill too much too fast, creating an oxygen depletion in the pond due to decaying dead plants.

$$ Comparison - Weedrazer VS Chemical (MnDNR Estimated Aquatic Herbicide/ Algaecide Costs)

Instructions for Posting Chemically Treated Areas in Public Waters in MN