Q: What is Weed Razer®?

A: The Weed Razer® is an aquatic weed cutting tool, uniquely designed to be the most efficient and effective lake and pond weed control tool to cut submerged and emergent lake and pond weeds such as Lily pads, cattails, milfoil and hydrilla. The blades of Weed Razer® are V- shaped and razor sharp. The cutting edges face the user. When the Weed Razer® is retrieved it slices lake and pond weed with little resistance.

Q: How does the Weed Razer® work?

A: Using the Weed Razer® is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Give it a toss
  2. Let it sink
  3. Pull it in with a jerking motion

Q: How much does the Weed Razer® weigh? What is the actual dimension of the Weed Razer®?

A: Weed Razer® weighs around 8 pounds, light enough to toss yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom.

Q: How large of an area will I be able to cut with Weed Razer®?

A: The Weed Razer® clears a path up to 48 inches wide and 30 feet in length with a single toss.

Q: What kind of land and pond weeds can be cut with the Weed Razer®?


  • Submerged - Hydrilla, Curly-leafed pondweed, Water milfoil, etc.
  • Emergent – Water lily, Cattails, Bulrush, lily pads etc.
  • Most any non woody aquatic weed / plant
    **If the land and pond weeds have stems and are rooted to the bottom it is very likely the Weed Razer® will cut it.

Q: How long do the blades stay sharp?

A: Blade sharpness is most influenced by bottom sediment. Sandy, rocky or gravelly bottoms have the greatest tendency to dull the blades. This is why the Weed Razer® comes with a sharpener. The cutting edge can be quickly restored with a few firm strokes of the Razer Back sharpener.

Q: Does the Weed Razer® come with a sharpener?

A: Yes, the Razer Back sharpener is included when you purchase our product.

Q: Do I have to remove the vegetation once I cut it? Why?

A:Yes, it is wise to remove the vegetation once you cut it basically for two reasons:

    1. This prevents the spread of more vegetation through plant fragmentation and seed distribution
    2. Decaying vegetation is a food source for next year’s growth of lake and pond weeds.

**Note: Some states require cut vegetation to be removed from the body of water, please check with your local DNR.

Q: How do I remove the aquatic weeds once I have cut them?

A: The best way to remove the aquatic weeds once they are cut is to use the Weed Raker™ to rake them out of the water.

Q: Is there any rake in the market for this purpose? Where can I buy it?

A: Yes, there are rakes specifically designed for this purpose; in fact we do sell rakes specifically for this purpose. The Weed Raker™& comes with an 11 feet handle, 8 inch teeth made from high strength plastic (individually teeth are replaceable), 37 inch rake head, comes with 43 feet rope, and weigh less than 7 pounds. You can buy the rakes at our website, or call us at (877) 356 6455.

Q: I have a boat, Can I pull the Weed Razer® behind my boat?

A: The Weed Razer® works best when it is pulled in with a jerking motion. This is the same general principal used with a sickle or machete.

Q: What is a weed deflector? Do all Weed Razers come with a weed deflector?

A: The Weed Deflector is a small plastic part which sits, where the blades and handle meet. If there is no weed deflector then some aquatic weeds get stuck between the blades and handle. All the Weed Razers we sell comes with a weed deflector.

Q: Is there is video demonstration for Weed Razer®?

A: Yes, just click here to find the demonstration of Weed Razer.

Q: When I buy Weed Razer®, what comes with it?

A: The Weed Razer ships in a cardboard box that is 3" x 5" x 35". It includes- Two Blades

  • Two Piece Handle
  • 25 feet rope
  • Blade sharpener
  • Weed Deflector
    **Note: Sharpener and Weed Deflector comes only with 2008 and newer model.

Q: What is the Weed Razer® made of?

A: Blades- High Quality Stainless Steel Blade
Handle- Galvanized steel

Q: Are there replacement parts available for Weed Razer®?

A: Yes, we do sell spare parts for the Weed Razer®. You can contact us at (877)356 6455 or click here for spare parts.

Q: Do I have to purchase the Weed Razer online or, do you have store location?

A: We do have dealers throughout US, Canada, and UK. Please call us at (877)356 6455 to locate a dealer closest to you.

Q: Is there any kind of Guarantee?

A: If it doesn’t work better than any other aquatic hand tool on the market, OR if you are dissatisfied with it in anyway, we will give you your money back, prorated for any wear and tear.

Q: If I want to become a dealer, what would I need to do?

A: To become a dealer, please call us at (877) 356 6455.

Q: What state laws and regulations apply to my efforts to control aquatic weeds?

A: Each state has their own laws, contact your state's governing body – for example the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and/or the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

If you have any questions regarding tools, water weeds, promotion, shipping, or anything at all please do not hesitate to contact us via phone (877 356 6455) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..