Algae, isn’t just unsightful, its harmful

Do you have an algae problem? Our algae control products are the ideal solution. Don't think algae is a problem? Check out this algae alert and this algae bloom warning.

NutrErazer is the cure, the ideal natural lake and pond algae treatment.

When the summer sun shines and temperatures climb, conditions are ideal for lakes and ponds to produce algal blooms. Rainfall can produce nutrient-rich runoff that enters lakes and ponds provide more fuel for algae growth.

Algae are microscopic aquatic plants and are a natural part of any aquatic ecosystem. Under the right conditions they can multiply to levels which produce negative impacts to lakes and ponds and the people and animals that use them. Blue-green (cyanobacterial) algal blooms contain toxins or other noxious chemicals that can pose harmful health risks to people, fish and animals.

Excessive algal growth, or algal blooms, tend to be more common in mid- to late-summer

Chemicals are often ruled out as a treatment, due to the quantity required, cost, and toxicity to the ecosystem.

How does NutrErazer work?

NutrErazer is a concentrated blend of naturally occurring microbes (bacteria and enzymes) These microbes feed off excess nutrients. NutrErazer rapidly biodegrades sludge, improve water quality, decrease suspended particulate matter and solids, and controls odor.
NutrErazer’s specially selected strains of naturally- occurring microbes and growth factors reduce the level of unwanted nutrients and muck and increase the health of your pond by:

1. Introducing bacteria that effectively consume these nutrients
2. Stimulates the growth of bacteria already in your pond that break down organic matter
3. Removing excess nutrients from the water column
4. Providing an additional food source for fish and other pond life

NutrErazer and its packing are safe and nontoxic to humans and animals (including 
fish and other aquatic species)

Just 1 pack treats 1/2 acre for up to 6 month.

It is important to note that in some cases, using NutrErazer could encourage the growth of filamentous algae. As the water clears up, more light will reach the bottom where filamentous may occur. (In this case, aquatic weeds and filamentous algae more or less play similar roles in the ecosystem) Knowing this, if the water quality has not deteriorated too much, then using NutrErazer early in the season will likely prevent the growth of filamentous algae all together.


See what our customers are saying...

My Lake was covered with slime and within 5 days of adding Nutrerazer 3/4 of it was gone and it just kept working.

- Kyle

The Nutrerazer worked great, it cleared up my lake and I'll be ordering another soon.

- Mike Lawrence



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