About Us

About WeedRazers.com

Weedrazers.comTM was created and is owned by Jenlis Inc.  Jenlis is a product development and marketing company founded and residing in "the land of 10,000+ lakes" (Minnesota).   Jenlis Inc. started doing business in 1999 with just one product invented and patented by Dan Amundson the company founder and President. Today Jenlis has developed several products that sell in a variety of industries.  Prior to starting Jenlis our founder worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist.  He has extensive experience in the management of aquatic habitat and fishieries. 

"I have been up to my neck in water numerous times with a scythe trying to cut and remove lake weeds.  The Weed Razer and Weed Raker are tools that are so advanced from those days they make a tedious job almost pleasurable (Dan Amundson)."  At Jenlis Inc. our goal is to develop new tools and improve on existing tools that make the obstacles in life that keep us from having fun a little more manageable.  If you find a product on our website you can be assured it is of the highest quality and your life will be a little easier if you decide to buy it and use it.