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FeedSavr - Complete Bird Feeder Pole

FeedSavr - Complete Bird Feeder Pole
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FeedSavr Complete System - Squirrel Proof and Deer Proof Bird Feeding System


  • Squirrel, Deer, and many other critters are no match for our innovative critter proofing complete system.
  • Feed birds of all kinds with ease. Lower up to three feeders to fill, clean, or replace without getting a ladder out or using long hooks.
  • Save money by keeping squirrels out of your feeders, and other critters too.
  • Handicap accessible pulley system.

How to use

  • Fill your feeders
  • Raise them out of reach (squirrel proofing and deer proofing)

  • Lower for refilling and cleaning


Keep Squirrels and Deer out of and away from your bird feeders and bird seed with our unique squirrel proof bird feeder pole. The FeedSavr bird feeder pole is squirrel proof and deer proof and easily keeps squirrels and deer away from your bird feeders at the same time leaving your feeders easily accessible for filling and cleaning.

The FeedSavr pole is handicap accessible and stands up to 12 feet tall. It can be set up in your yard or on your deck and will hold up to 3 feeders with options available for more.

The FeedSavr comes in 3 sturdy, light weight, aluminum sections. It has a rope and pully system, a carriage, three feeder support rods a PVC ground sleeve (for mounting the pole in your yard) and assembly instructions. Total assembly is less than 10 minutes.


Watch this video of the FeedSavr blocking a squirrel, keeping the bird feeder squirrel free!


In the Box
Weight - 11lbs
Dimensions - 4in x 11in x 56in
1 - Squirrel Deflector - (2 Half Circle Galvanized Plates)
1 - Squirrel Deflector Tripod
1 - Pulley Assembly
1 - Rope Cleat
1 - Rope 15 ft
3 - 3/8" Black Threaded Hangers
3 - Sections Aluminum Pole
1 - 15 inch PVC ground sleeve

The FeedSavr Complete Critter Proof Bird Feeding Pole will stand approximately 10.5 ft in above ground. The squirrel proofing deflector should be at least 48" above ground.
List of the comments:
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We have a cottage in Northern Ontario and have a large variety of birds that we like to feed and enjoy watching, especially in the wintertime. We have a walkout basement and a second level overlooking the lake. For years we had tried various "pole systems" but were never satisfied with any of them as they were all either attached to the deck or where free standing on it. We got tired of the easy access for the squirrels and seeing the bird feces all over our deck. We have now had the FeedSavr pole system and could not be any happier with the results. We have it out about 15 feet from the cottage and can easily view the Bluejays, Cardinals, Sparrows, Woodpeckers and many others form both levels and it is easier than any other system to fill and access, even in the middle of the winter. We highly recommend this unit to anyone that enjoys birdwatching. For us, using peanuts, sunflower seeds and niger seeds attracts a wide assortment of colorful birds. ps: We also purchased your Weed Razer last year at the Cottage Show and it is just as impressive as the FeedSavr. Mart

Dan C
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I have been using the FeedSavr for 3 months. Even though it provided immediate solutions to all our squirrel problems (6-7 damaged feeders beyond use over the years), I delayed sending a “Thank You” to make sure I felt the solution was permanent. On most days there are 4 squirrels in the back yard where the FeedSavr is located and yet I am no longer subsidizing their “free lunch” program! Set up was dirt simple. I simply secured the FeedSavr to a short existing fence post with a couple pipe clamps and I was ready for hungry birds in less than 10 minutes! Thank You for this wonderful product!! Dan - October 2012

Donald Bell
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In the 40 years I’ve been trying to outsmart these squirrels, this is the 1st product that does what it says it does. I’m saving money on feed and seeing A LOT more birds!”

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