We have the best tools to enhance your waterfront experience. Weed Razer specializes in non-chemical pond and lake weed control solutions to make it easy to control lily pads, cattails, bulrushes, milfoil, ribbon weed, hydrilla, and pond weeds. Whether you’re looking for pond or lake weed control tools like a Weed Razer or a pond rake, we offer the highest-rated products for managing aquatic vegetation. Our range of lake weed control options includes the Weed Razer, Weed Razer Pro, Weed Raker, Beach Rake, and MuckMover tools. You can also naturally control harmful algae growth with our innovative NutrErazer microbial treatment. Weed Razer will help you improve your fishing and boating experience and your time on the dock with our complete line of pond and lake weed control products.

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I received my weed razor in mid sept. and our weeds were overtaking our waterfront..as soon as i got it home i called my friend to come try it with me. It was addicting,not only did we clean all the weeds in front of my camp but we did his as well. I just wanted to say thank you. It's nice to buy something that does what its supposed to.

- Richard Jacques, Hartland, ME 2012

We got the WeedRazer today and used it. Wonderful. We have a small fish pond which is very deep and managing the weeds is a problem. The WeedRazer was the thing to use. Now I have a pond full of baby pond weed to rake out. Thanks. Great product.

- Gloria Marsh

We received our Weed Razor yesterday and went right to work. It was AMAZING! One of the best items I ever bought. It worked so well, I did not want to stop. WOW! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

- Steven Reichel

This will be my third year using NutrErazer and it is amazing. It kills the agae off. I started seeing major results after only 10 days. I thought that would be all I would see happen, but it controls and breaks down the muck "BIGTIME"! My fish are flurishing and I have seen more minows than ever before. I don't stock the fish, they are simply restocking themselves. I am 100% behind this product!

- Mike Dattilo

We love the weed razer and rake. We cleared out around the dock in a few hours, and best of all he could do most from the dock or shore, and the rest with hip boots. The long tines on the rake are great, and the hard plastic makes them just slide off. It works great for picking up all the loose weeds that accumulate. I don't know why we waited so long. Well worth the money--glad we bought both. Thanks too for the quick service. Ordered late Friday and received it on Monday

- Lauri